Miscellaneous (not strictly rapid transit) timelines:

High-speed rail, 1965-2020
sample Asia HSR map sample Europe HSR map

Regional passenger rail timelines, 1835-2010:
Northeast US
sample Northeast passenger rail map
sample California passenger rail map

City rail (including streetcar) and trolleybus timelines, 1835-2020:
New York
sample New York rail & trolleybus map
sample Boston rail & trolleybus map
San Francisco
sample San Francisco rail & trolleybus map

New York trolley abandonment,
sample New York trolley map
Hurricane Sandy rapid transit recovery,
October 2012-June 2013
sample Hurricane Sandy map
Nonstop flights from New York,
sample New York nonstop flight map

Other maps:

Scale comparison of tram systems, 2022
Houston Melbourne New Orleans
Portland San Francisco Toronto
Scale comparison of selected walled cities,
500 BCE-1800 CE

Alexandria 100 BCE Rome 300 CE Constantinope 500 CE
Paris 1400 CE Beijing 1500 CE Tenochtitlan 1500 CE

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Note: above maps not all at same scale.

See also: historical rapid transit timelines, 1840-2020

By Alexander Rapp (CC-BY-SA) based on map data by OpenStreetMap and Wikimedia contributors and historical sources.